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TurboTax is the number #1 tax preparation software in Canada as it makes complicated tax season a breeze. The software comprises of different features and tools that help in the automatic preparation and filing of tax. It also prompts the necessary updates and notifies the time of tax payment. With all these functionalities integrated, makes TurboTax even more useful. TurboTax is pretty useful, as it makes the complicated process easy. When you make a purchase of the software you install and key code to activate the program. If you don’t already have one then here is how you can generate with ease.

What is a TurboTax Installation Key Code?

TurboTax Installation Key Code refers to a 16-digit key that is created by your computer. This is then entered during the installation process TurboTax software.

The installation key code is showcased on the computer screen below your Installation Key when you activate it via phone. Make sure that you have mentioned the Computer Key exactly the same as it was displayed on the computer screen.

The process of installing and TurboTax key code on your TurboTax CD-ROM authorizes you to:

Install the TurboTax copy on two of your personal computers, or

Re-install TurboTax program on a computer that been refurbished with important system changes.

It is recommended that the software should be installed on the computer that is mostly used for your work and tax returns preparations. In case you want you can complete your tax return on one computer and further print or e-file it from another then “installation key code will be required”. With the purchase of this key, you are allowed 8 complete tax returns if the net income exceeds over $25,000.

After the successful installation of TurboTax, the next step is to activate it. With the activation process, the TurboTax program unlocks and is ready for access. You can choose to activate your TurboTax software via telephone or Internet.

Registering TurboTax :

The registration process of TurboTax software involves some time. You need to fill up the online registration form completely. Registration of the TT program makes you eligible for the customer service and technical support from time to time. Also, registration makes worthy of special offers, product updates, and advance purchases. Follow the steps below for registering your TurboTax software.

  • Go to the Help menu and choose to click on Register tab.
  • Click Register Online.
  • This opens the Intuit Canada Product Registration window.
  • Fill up all the fields to complete the form.

In case you are out of internet connectivity or facing poor network issues or you fail to register online, you still qualify for technical support and product updates. Go through the below information:

Technical support of

  • Visit to select the technical support option that you prefer – online chat, e-mail, or telephone support.
  • The toll-free phone support number for TurboTax technical support.
  • Technical support experts accord authentic information about using the program. Note that they are not tax advisors so they can not provide tax advice.
  • The in-product help file comprises of both tax and product “how-to” information. So it is recommended to go through it thoroughly prior contacting Technical Support.
  • Visit Online support FAQs are available 24 hours* 365 days at
  • Prior you Contact Technical Support

Before connecting with the TT tech support team you are supposed to give some details to the technical support representatives so they can help you ASAP.

How to Update without Strong Internet Connectivity

Strong internet connectivity is imperative for but it can be on a separate computer from the TurboTax Hosting computer.

If you encounter TT414 or TT800 series error, or else some update errors you can follow the below-listed steps to download an update from the TurboTax website and apply the updates manually.

  1. Go to the official TurboTax support site at on the system with good internet connectivity.
  2. Click the link for the latest TurboTax 2017 update.
  3. Click the blue ttUpdate_Date_2012.exe link.
  4. File Download window appears on the screen.
  5. Click Save in the File Download window.

When the Save As window appears to select a preferable location on your computer or on a portable storage device (e.g. flash drive or USB key).

  1. Note down the location you save the file and click Save.
  2. Close TurboTax program in case it is open.
  3. Go to the downloaded file and Click it to start the update.
  4. In case the file is on a portable storage device, check the storage media into a USB port or CD-ROM drive on the computer that has TurboTax on it.

Keep a regular check for further updates, especially just prior your file your return.

How is activation different from registration?

Activation of your TurboTax software provides you with unique 16-digit TurboTax Installation Key Code and your 13-digit Computer Key. For that, you are not supposed to provide any of your personal information.

On the other hand registration of your software requires your personal information such as name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. This information makes you worthy of knowing important software updates and other information.

Where can be the Installation Key found?

  1. TurboTax Download
  2. After successfully downloading the software, the Installation Key will appear in as a receipt within your email.
  3. Check your junk email folder to ensure your TurboTax email receipt was not filtered out.
  4. If you fail to receive your receipt by email within 24 hours of purchase, immediately contact TurboTax Support to get a copy of your receipt.
  5. TurboTax CD
  6. In case you have bought a TurboTax CD, you will be provided the Installation Key on the sleeve of the CD cover.

Save the Installation Key in a way you can easily navigate to. If you’ve misplaced the key or didn’t get one with your CD then we would suggest contacting support.

What if there is no TurboTax Installation Key Code?

Here are some scenarios wherein you can request for the regeneration of the key codes to activate your program. Though it will vary from situation to situation and duration of your purchase which will decide if you are eligible for the code. Check out for the following factors below:

If you lose your installation key code

In case you have lost your Installation Key Code you can seek the code via TurboTax support, who will assist you in getting one. It is always recommend to keep your Installation and Activation key codes in a secure place so as to have easy access in time of need.

Proof of Final Purchase

In case you lose your installation key but present the proof of purchase, or the product registration then you can easily get help from TurboTax customer care executive. They will help you in getting a new installation code.

Fail to Provide the Purchase Proof

In case you lose your installation key and fail to submit the proof of final purchase, or there is no registration of your product, you will not be entertain. You are supposed to purchase a new installation key for the full value of the program through TurboTax Support. For that visit our website at to get a new key code. Choose to purchase a download TT to obtain a new Code.

Where to enter Installation key –

After you have made your purchase you can download the program anytime you want within 3 years. If you are unable to find software location to enter the TurboTax Installation Key Code then you would need to follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to My Downloads at
  2. Click on the download arrow beside the product you wish to install.
  3. Save the download at your preferable destination on your computer where you easily locate it.
  4. Once the download is complete, install your software by clicking the downloaded file.
  5. During the process of download, you will be promp to enter the 16 digit installation key code. Enter the same and let the installation process complete.
  6. Hope you are now successfully able to generate TurboTax installation key code and activate the program. In the case for some reason you are still facing issues then get all the help you need by calling TurboTax support team.

The support executives are TurboTax experts who can be approached over the phone and live chat option.

You can even give us a call at our TurboTax phone support Canada ( talk to our experts now.